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Learning About Financial Planning

Hello, I'm Cynthia. I would like to welcome you to my site about financial planning. After heading off to college, I found my bank account dangerously low or in the negative far too often. I had enough funds to sustain my needs each month, so I set to work figuring out what happened. I developed a personal budget system that worked to keep money in my account while still being able to enjoy college life. I will talk more about this budgeting system, and its importance, on this website. I hope you will come by to learn how to get your finances in check as well. Thanks.


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How To Consolidate Your Debt Using A Home Equity Loan

Are you concerned about your growing volumes of debt? You might want to consider getting a home equity loan. If you still have relatively good credit and you own a significant amount of your home's equity, you can usually get a home equity loan to consolidate your other debts quite easily. This will help you resolve your debt as soon as possible by consolidating it under a lower interest rate. Read More