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Hello, I'm Cynthia. I would like to welcome you to my site about financial planning. After heading off to college, I found my bank account dangerously low or in the negative far too often. I had enough funds to sustain my needs each month, so I set to work figuring out what happened. I developed a personal budget system that worked to keep money in my account while still being able to enjoy college life. I will talk more about this budgeting system, and its importance, on this website. I hope you will come by to learn how to get your finances in check as well. Thanks.

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DST 1031 properties are among the more attractive financial vehicles for folks who are trying to find tax-deferred ways to invest in real estate. You wonder, though, exactly who might invest in a DST 1031 exchange. Take a look at 5 types of people who may fall in love with this sort of investment. 1. Anyone Who Doesn't Want to Be a Landlord Folks who tell you to buy real estate as an investment sometimes forget to tell you some of the downsides. Read More